For Leonard

Time inexorably marches forward and so it has already been a couple of weeks since Leonard Cohen died and Renee and I fled Reno for the desert in the wake of the events of November over which we have no control.

While I’ve always appreciated Cohen, I didn’t quite have a deeply personal relationship, but Renee did. She has many memories of listening to the songster with her father and her sister and they are special memories for her, so the passing really left a mark on her.

So we made the weekend a Leonard Cohen love story. And this was a special moment of it. On Friday morning, November 11, we had a long morning on the playa and had it to ourselves. We had downloaded Cohen’s work and listened to it on our portable speaker as we walked and danced our way across the desert. At some point we just stopped to dance, and, inspired by the mass of emptiness around us (and maybe some ghosts of Burning Man), we ended up stripping down to our skivvies and dancing with all of our hearts for Leonard. Of course, it being us, this led to a handstand, which I share with you here in honor of Leonard Cohen.


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